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                  2018-01-11 长沙 1 面谈


                  Application of integrated control units for Power Window application.
                  - 车窗动力系统用的集成电路控制系统应用
                  - Negotiation and defining the functionality ( Specification) with Chinese customer.
                  - 与中国客户进行协商及性能(技术条件)定义
                  - Presentation of project documents like: TKU, Test Plan, Validation List, Test Result, FMEA and drawings to the customer.
                  - 向客户介绍项目文件,如客户用的技术资料,检测计划,确认书,检测结果,FMEA及图纸
                  - Application of software: anti-punch function and system reactions to user commands (HMI).
                  - 软件应用:防夹紧性能及使用者指令(HMI)的系统反应
                  - Performing software changes at customer.
                  - 客户处进行软件更改
                  - Analysis of system errors (bugs) together with customer (HW; SW; mechanics)
                  - 与客户一起进行系统错误(干扰)分析(硬件;软件;机械)
                  - Teamwork in international development teams ( ED,AE)
                  - 国际研发队伍中的团队工作精神(ED, AE)
                  - Promote close cooperation between RBCC and AE engineers.
                  - 促进RBCC与AE工程师之间的合作关系


                  - BS or Master degree in electronic engineering
                  - 机械或电子相关专业,本科学历
                  - 2 or 3 years working experience in electronics
                  - 2-3年电子开发工作经验
                  - Experienced in using PC office software
                  - 良好使用办公软件
                  - Be familiar with hardware and software in Electronics control system.
                  - 熟悉电子控制系统的硬件和软件
                  - Good command of English language both written and spoken
                  - 熟练掌握英文的读写听说,口语较好

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